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LSU Health New Orleans Match Day Holds Even More Meaning for the Class of 2023

March 17, 2023

The LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine Class of 2023 gathered this morning at the Audubon Tea Room to celebrate together what the future holds for them. They would find out at 11:00 a.m. what Residency Program they “matched” and where they would go for their graduate medical education.

Anna Grace King, Gracie to her family and friends, was among them. At the beginning of the New Year, whether she could participate in Match Day or even finish medical school on time was uncertain. She is the LSU Health New Orleans medical student who is recovering from gunshot wounds sustained in January when she was visiting her parents in Nashville. LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine has worked with Grace to ensure that she can graduate as scheduled. Gracie and her parents couldn’t say enough about how much that support has meant. And her classmates were just as thankful that she was there to celebrate this milestone together.

The excitement was palpable and loud as 11:00 a.m. finally arrived. Students anxiously checked their phones as their families and loved ones held their breath.

The news was great, and not only for LSU Health New Orleans 4th-year students and their families, but also for Louisiana.

Nearly 50% of the LSU Health New Orleans medical graduates chose to remain in Louisiana to complete their medical training, and 80% of them will enter an LSU Health residency program. That is significant because many physicians remain in the communities where they train to set up their practices. Louisiana is a little different from other places though, in that when they go, they often come back. Those who pursue different experiences at this stage of their training are going to some of the most prestigious out-of-state programs. Many of them will bring the benefits of these experiences home when they return to Louisiana to practice.

LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine residency programs filled, which is great news, too. LSU Residency programs in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Bogalusa will accept 219 new residents.

Even the downpours with the advancing cold front couldn’t dampen the happiness of Match Day 2023!

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80% of LSU Health New Orleans Medical Grads Staying In-State Will Enter LSU Health Residency Programs