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LSU Health Tumor Registry Launches New Interactive Resource

LSU Health Tumor Registry Data Visualization tool

LSU Health New Orleans Louisiana Tumor Registry has launched a new, user-friendly, interactive, online tool to provide easier access to cancer information in Louisiana. To our knowledge, Louisiana Cancer Data Visualization provides the most complete information of any online state-specific, cancer resource tool in the United States. Louisiana Cancer Data Visualization is posted online here.

This new resource provides a comprehensive picture of cancer statistics in the state in a visual format. It includes an overview, information about types of cancer, cancer stage, cancer survival, pediatric cancers, as well as regional and parish data. Users can clearly see incidence rates, cases diagnosed per 100k people, as well as an average number of cases diagnosed per year. It includes mortality counts and rates, too. Filters give users the option to easily access the data of interest. Hovering over a parish on the maps displays its rates, which are also color-coded. Darkest colors denote highest rates, with lower rates displayed in lighter and lighter shades. The site also includes changes over time, comparisons to state and national rates, and differences by age, sex and race.

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As opposed to a static, 100+ page publication, the intent is to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. The tool was designed to be used by everyone from members of the general public to health professionals, elected officials and policy-makers, as well as journalists.

“Reducing suffering and death from cancer using cancer data is the vision of the Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR,)” notes Xiao-Cheng Wu, MD, Professor of Public Health and Director of LSU Health New Orleans Louisiana Tumor Registry. “While working hard to collect complete, high-quality and timely data, we also seek ways to make LTR data more accessible. We launch this data visualization website hoping it will enhance the use and dissemination of cancer data contributing to the efforts of conquering cancer.”

tumor registry data visualization
“We are incredibly excited to share this interactive, user-friendly data visualization with Louisiana,” adds Lauren Maniscalco, MPH, Liaison, LSU Health New Orleans Louisiana Tumor Registry. “Understanding the full scope of the disease is so incredibly important. This comprehensive tool allows us to visualize cancer in Louisiana. We hope that this tool will be your first stop for Louisiana cancer statistics.”

LSU Health New Orleans' Louisiana Tumor Registry is supported by the National Cancer Institute's SEER Program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Program of Cancer Registries and the State of Louisiana.

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