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Lympho-Maniacs Donation Supports a First – Precision Medicine Testing

LymhoManiacs Donation to LSUHealthNO

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A $25,000 donation from the New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund to LSU Health Foundation New Orleans will be used for cancer patients who could benefit from genomic testing and tumor profiling, but who cannot afford it. For the first time, when LSU Health New Orleans oncologists determine that a particular patient may be helped clinically by this testing but the test either isn’t reimbursed by insurance or the patient is uninsured, the test will be paid for with funds from this donation.
Comprehensive genetic information about a tumor can help pinpoint the most effective treatment for that particular patient. It guides personalized, or precision medicine, specifically tailored to an individual patient’s disease. Genomic testing provides much more information than conventional methods and can result in better outcomes and survival.

Using the largest and most comprehensive cancer panel available today, LSU Health New Orleans’ Precision Medicine Program is providing the most advanced genomics tests to Louisiana patients.

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