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Ozanam Inn Dedicates Dental Clinic to the Late Henry A. Gremillion, DDS

Clarence Adams and Mackey Gremillion with plaque

It was a day filled with pride and deep gratitude, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Faculty and staff from LSU Health New Orleans Schools of Dentistry and Medicine joined Mrs. Karleen “Mackey” Gremillion and Ozanam Inn staff and volunteers to honor the memory of her late husband. They gathered at a ceremony on March 7 at Ozanam Inn’s new home on Poydras Street to dedicate the upgraded and expanded Dental Clinic to Dr. Henry A. Gremillion, who served as Dean of LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry from 2008 until his death in May 2020. Dr. Gremillion believed in service before self. He not only lived that philosophy every day of his life but inspired it in his faculty, staff and students.

Although he had arranged for residents of Ozanam Inn to be treated at the dental school, Dr. Gremillion decided that bringing oral health care onsite would reach more members of this vulnerable population and further instill a sense of giving and serving in faculty and students. So, he proposed that dental students, under faculty supervision, join faculty-supervised LSU Health New Orleans medical students already providing care at the original Ozanam Inn on Camp Street.

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Thanks to a generous donation from Zimmer Dental Company, the dental operatory was constructed and equipped in 2013. Drs. Sherrod Quinn and Suzanne McCormick volunteered to supervise the dental school student volunteers on Saturday mornings at the Inn.

Dr. Gremillion was so proud that in no time at all, there was a waiting list of student volunteers.

Dr. Henry Gremillion
“Dr. Gremillion was truly admirable in his efforts to assist the residents of Ozanam Inn,” said Ozanam Inn Chief Executive Officer Clarence Adams. “We are so excited to honor his work and dedicate our new, expanded dental clinic in his name. From the beginning of the partnership, it was a joy hearing from Dr. Gremillion that there was a waitlist of student volunteers — all waiting for an opportunity to join us and assist our residents.”
Mackey Gremillion
Mackey Gremillion shared how much it means to her and the family that Henry will always be remembered and that his giving spirit will live on. Mr. Adams presented her with a huge bouquet of flowers to honor both her and Dr. Gremillion’s dedication to Ozanam Inn.
Dr. Sandra Andrieu, Interim Dean of LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry, recalled the humble beginnings that she and Dr. Gremillion experienced. She relayed her history with Ozanam Inn. As a child, even though they had little, her father would put her and whatever they could contribute in the car every Thanksgiving morning to drop it off at Ozanam Inn. She said Henry knew how blessed he was and how that appreciation drove him to give back – service before self. She said she knew Henry was looking down, so pleased at how the health care program for the homeless and needy has matured.
Dr. Sandra Andrieu
Dr. Sherrod Quinn spoke of the beginning and Dr. McCormick’s and the students’ enormous contributions. Prior to the pandemic, about 500 residents were treated a year, individuals who would not have received care otherwise. He explained how excited they are to be able to resume providing care and recognized fourth-year dental student Kayla Dymen for “resurrecting” the service. The clinic will begin seeing patients on March 19.
Gremillion dedication plaque
After a prayer by Ozanam Inn spiritual advisor Fr. Louis Arceneaux, guests moved down the hall to the entrance to the new clinic. Mr. Adams and Mrs. Gremillion unveiled the plaque mounted on the wall for all who enter to see.

Ozanam Inn
proudly dedicates the
LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry Clinic
to the memory and legacy of our dear friend
Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD
March 7, 2022

Dr. Henry Gremillion’ s legacy will touch the lives of those less fortunate for years to come and will continue to exemplify service before self.

plaque unveiled