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Welcoming New Colleagues

DPT Class of 2021

LSU Health New Orleans Physical Therapy (PT) faculty welcomed 33 members of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2021 at LSU Health New Orleans School of Allied Health Professions to clinical physical therapy practice at the 2018 White Coat Ceremony.

After opening remarks from Cody Migliore, BS, SPT, DPT II Class President, and before an audience of school leadership and their loved ones, the students were “coated” by their faculty mentors. The white coat is a visible symbol of health care practice and embodies the wearers’ commitment to ideals including respecting patients’ dignity, compassion, professionalism, lifelong learning, and integrity in meeting their patients’ health care needs.

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“The White Coat Ceremony marks a step on the journey towards becoming a physical therapist,” notes Jane Eason, PhD, PT, Professor and Head of the LSU Health New Orleans Department of Physical Therapy. “I think the ceremony reinforces the importance of treating all patients with respect and to practice with conscience and dignity.”

Following the coating, the students pledged to uphold the American Physical Therapy Association Code of Ethics and Principles.

Dr. Jane Eason coats Joseph Davis
“Receiving my white coat is truly an experience that I will not soon forget,” says Joseph Davis, DPT Class of 2021 President. “The coat itself not only signifies a shift from the classroom into the clinical setting, but it is also symbolic of the ethical and professional standards that each of us will carry into our future practice.”

Faculty participating in LSU Health New Orleans’ fifth PT White Coat Ceremony were Amanda Arnold, PhD, PT, OCS, SCS; Jane Eason, PhD, PT; Luther Gill, PhD, DPT; Ha Hoang, MHS, PT; Noelle Moreau, PhD, PT; Mattie Pontiff, PT, DPT, OCS; and Rachel Wellons, PT, DPT, NCS.

The entry level degree in this program at LSU Health New Orleans is the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association and has been since 1973.

DPT Class of 2021 Reciting Oath at White Coat Ceremony