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What would you do?

August 20, 2021

emergency sign

What would you do to save someone's life? Every day thousands of our fellow citizens risk their lives for ours. Police officers. Firefighters. Emergency Medical Technicians. Nurses. Doctors. Our Armed Forces. They do not hesitate. They never step back. They always step up. This is what we do for each other in Louisiana.

Yet, sadly we do not all do our part to keep each other safe during this health crisis. We are all targets of a deadly virus. It does not care who you are or what you believe. It shows no mercy. It silently spreads among us, entering our bodies without warning and takes our breath away as we die alone in isolation. Not even granting a parting wish to say goodbye to those we love.

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We know how to protect each other from this deadly threat. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Wash our hands. Stay a safe distance from each other. How often do we need to be told? I understand there are doubts about the intent and effectiveness of these efforts. Social media misinformation and distrust of government fuel these beliefs. So, I would ask you to listen carefully to what your doctor advises you. You and your family have placed your health in your physician’s hands. Trust him or her.
Steve Nelson, MD
So again, I ask you, "what would you do to save a life?" Your mother’s. Your father’s. Your sister’s and brother’s. Your son’s or daughter’s. Your neighbor’s. A stranger’s. Your own.

Steve Nelson, MD
Dean, LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine