Someone is operating a scheme to defraud technology vendors of their merchandise using LSUHSC-NO's name. The scheme consists of using domain names that are similar to LSUHSC-NO's valid domain name "". Fraudulent domain names identified so far are:

The scheme involves sending a fax or an email with a fax attachment of a request for quote or request for bid on a large number (hundreds) of high dollar computer peripherals. (See images below.) The document includes the name of our actual purchasing director, an obsolete LSUHSC logo, incorrect telephone numbers and a number taken from another, unrelated bid. Orders are placed with any vendor who responds, however payment is never made. 

If you receive a request referencing one of the fraudulent domains listed above, please send the request to so that we may inform law enforcement.

  • Fraudulent Fax:
    • vendor_scam181127fax
  • Fradulent Email
    • vendor_scam181127email