Department Title

Department Header Images

Department header images can be used to assist with user navigation in the CMS. Department header images appear in the top right hand corner of the main content box. On this web page, "Web Standards" is the department header. When clicked, the department header links to the root of the site. In this case the "Web Standards" department header links to "/admin/it/webstandards", which is the root of this CMS site.

Non-Responsive Template Department Header

We have created a department header image creator which can be found here:

How to use the department header creator:

  1. Enter the name of the site into the textbox above and click "Create Image"
  2. Your browser will prompt you to Open or Save the image. Choose Save to download the created image.
  3. Log on to your CMS site and upload the image as "dept_header.png"
    • **IMPORTANT** the image must be uploaded as "dept_header.png"
  4. The image should display on all of the sites pages

Responsive Template Department Header

If your CMS site is responsive, perform the following steps to add a department header to your site or watch the following tutorial video: .

  1. Open "Notepad" desktop application
  2. Type the desired text for the department header
  3. Navigate to "File" > "Save As..."
  4. Name your file "dept_header.txt"
  5. Save it to a location you will remember
  6. Navigate to your CMS site
  7. Edit the "Main Content" section of any page
  8. Click "Upload Document" located at top of the page
  9. Click "Choose File" and select the saved "dept_header.txt" file
  10. Click "Upload File"
  11. Exit the CMS and reload your site in order to see the department header