Web Site Standards for LSU Health New Orleans

The Chancellor has requested that as part of the LSU Health New Orleans web site redesign that sites follow the following guidelines to improve site unity and provide ease of access to important resources.

LSU Health New Orleans Logos, Colors and Graphics Standards Manual

The logo, colors and standards put forth in the graphics standards manual are for all departments, divisions, offices, and components of LSU Health New Orleans. Use of these logos and standards will convey a consistent and easily recognizable identification for LSU Health New Orleans. The logo and standards of LSU Health New Orleans convey the identity of a unified system, but allows for the recognition of identities of entities within LSU Health New Orleans.

Graphics Standards Manual

Download LSU Health New Orleans Graphics Standards Manual

  • LSU Health New Orleans administrative offices will have final authority in the interpretation and implementation of LSU Health New Orleans logos and standards.
  • It is impossible for this manual to address all of the uses and applications of logos and standards that may arise. This manual is an introduction and guide. Direct questions about the uses and applications to the Office of Graphics Services, aegraphics@lsuhsc.edu or (504)568-2565.


Download LSU Health New Orleans logos for Web

Logo guidelines can be found in the Graphics Standards Manual


The following colors are the standard LSU Health New Orleans colors:


Pantone Coated

Pantone Uncoated






PMS 268C

PMS 268U


C-90 M-100 Y-0 K-0

R-70 G-29 B-124



PMS 123C

PMS 115U


C-0 M-24 Y-94 K-0

R-253 G-208 B-35



Process Black

Process Black


C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100

R-0 G-0 B-0


50% Gray

PMS Cool Gray 8C

PMS Cool Gray 8U


C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-50

R-153 G-153 B-153







LSU Health New Orleans Header







Header Information

  • Displayed on every page
  • LSU Health New Orleans logo or GSM (Graphics Standards Manual) approved school logo displayed on all pages
  • LSU Health New Orleans logo links to the root of the site
  • Schools links displayed on all pages
  • "Patient Care" link displayed on all pages
  • Google Custom Search Engine searches all LSU Health New Orleans sites, but prioritizes search results for site searched from
  • Top right links (“Careers”, “Contact” and “Donate”)  can be modified to point to custom locations

  • Quick link dropdown menu to LSU Health New Orleans resources displayed on every page

  • Uses a Global Assembly Cache (GAC) control, which reference css, xml, and xsl files
    • More information on GAC controls can be found in the
      “For Web Developers” section of the web standards site






LSU Health New Orleans Footer (Homepage)






Footer Information

  • “Disclaimer” and “Privacy Policy” are linked to your local sites files so that they can be customized if needed
  • Uses a Global Assembly Cache (GAC) control, which reference css, xml, and xsl files
    • More information on GAC controls can be found in the
      “For Web Developers” section of the web standards site





Responsive Design

The LSU Health New Orleans web template has been updated to support responsive design.  Responsive design is tightly integrated with the LSU Health New Orleans Content Management System (CMS) detailed below. Responsive design allows web content to appear in an optimized form on a variety of window/screen sizes across desktop and mobile devices. Responsive design is a critical component of the modern web and should be applied to university pages. CMS users can find best practices for building pages with responsive design here.


LSU Health New Orleans Content Management System (CMS)

The LSU Health New Orleans content management system (CMS) was created to assist site administrators and web developers create and maintain their sites. The CMS accomplishes this by employing modern technologies that enable administrators to update content from almost any modern web connected device via a web browser using a WYSIWYG interface. More information on the CMS including an instruction PDF and videos can be found here.

CMS Features

  • Includes LSU Health New Orleans branding with header and footer, allowing site developers to focus on site content.
  • Dynamic menu editor allows developers to easily create menus to quickly organize sites
  • Built-in image uploader automatically resizes images for the web, allows uploaded images to be dragged and dropped onto pages
  • Built-in document uploader
  • Security is managed by the Information Security team 
  • Site changes are tracked for auditing and simple site restores
  • Customizable CSS
  • Supports web widgets such as Google Calendar, Google Maps and Twitter

Instructional information, best practices and tutorial videos for using the CMS can be found here






Accessibility Guidelines

  • LSU Health New Orleans recommends following the WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards as closely as possible in order to provide more accessible web content for individuals with disabilities.
  • Our web templates are 508 compliant and follow WCAG.
  • It is the responsibility of LSU Health New Orleans web developers and editors to create and maintain accessible content. Find out more about our accessibility guidelines here







Department Header Information






Developer Best Practices