Website Redesign

Template Information 

The header and footer of the page are uniform and ubiquitous for all LSU Health New Orleans website pages. Content Editors cannot edit the header or footer of web pages.

      Header of Page                                                                       

Footer of page

Web applications with dynamic content, independent of content hosted in the CMS or otherwise maintained by content editors, may omit, or use a modified header or footer.   Other Web guidelines and standards shall continue to be followed, including but not limited to the LSU Health New Orleans Graphics Standards Manual, accessibility guidelines, responsive design, and best practices.  If using a modified footer that references our disclaimer or privacy policy then link to, rather than copy, the standard LSU Health New Orleans disclaimer and privacy policy.

There are 3 navigation types that can be used.

We recommend that each section use a uniform navigation type.

Contact if you'd like to change the navigation type for a specific section. 

Sidebar Navigation:

Sidebar navigation appears on the side of the page and provides links to navigate through the different pages within the site. Sidebar navigation is the default navigation for migrated content

     Sidebar navigation

Banner Navigation:

Banner navigation is a horizontal menu that appears on the top of the page. It provides links to navigate through different pages within the site. Banner navigation is the default navigation.

    banner navigation

Mega navigation:

Mega navigation is horizontal menu that appears at the top of the page. It provides links to navigate through the different pages within the site. The drop-down menu options in the mega navigation takes the full width of the page. 

   Mega nav example


Mega navigation (Mega-nav) is same for all the pages in a site. Changes can be made to Mega navigation, banner navigation and side-bar navigation. In order to change/edit the navigation, contact Webmaster team (


Breadcrumbs are the navigational aid that is located between the site's header and the main content of the web page. They allow users to understand the current location of the website. Breadcrumbs are automatically generated in OMNI CMS.

   breadcrumb example

In the example above, section is Test and  the page that user is currently on is New Page

  • The following sample templates were created by the contracted website redesign vendor to be used as guides while building out content in the design.

  • The sections included in these samples can be added to pages you maintain using the Omni CMS reusable content functionality.
    • If you see a section on these sample pages that you'd like to use on your web page contact for assistance with implementing.