Website Redesign

Migration Information and Checklist for Content Editors

  • The Webmaster team will send content editors a spreadsheet that includes URL's to webpages in the current and the new CMS when sections are ready for review.
  • Before you review and start making changes to the migrated pages we ask that you review our Omni CMS documentation.
  • We ask that you take time to review the below for all migrated pages before notifying the Webmaster team that the content is ready to be published to the production location.
  • Note that you are welcome to make changes to pages in the new CMS as needed. We recommend you review our OmniCMS documentation before attempting to make changes in Omni CMS. 

Migrated Content Checklist

Page Content

  • Confirm that the content on the migrated page matches the content on the current web page.
  • Confirm that content looks good in responsive design (small windows and mobile devices).
  • Note that the migration may have happened some time before you are reviewing.
    • Make sure that any changes you have made in the last few weeks displays as expected in the new CMS.
      • If you notice differences, please attempt to make the changes yourself. Contact if you run into issues.
  • Note that there are some differences that will need to be accounted for:
    • The new design does not support "Left Content" or "Right Content" sections that were present in the previous CMS. We recommend using columns in order to implement a similar look and feel if needed.


  • Note: All migrated sections will use the "side menu" navigation type by default.
    • Contact the webmaster team (, if you would like to change the menu type. You can learn about the different menu types here.
  • Confirm that the correct Menu exists on all pages.
  • Confirm that the links in the Menu navigate to the correct location.
  • Learn more about editing the navigation here.


  • Confirm that all links are valid and work as expected.
  • Confirm that the external links open in new window and are denoted by external link icon, Example: Google
  • Learn more about links here.


  • Confirm that breadcrumbs are visible.
  • Confirm that the breadcrumb text is accurate.
  • Confirm that the breadcrumbs work as expected.
  • Learn more about breadcrumbs here.