Website Redesign

New Page and Section

Users can create new pages in Omni CMS. A page in Omni CMS is a singular web page with unique URL. 

To create a new Page:

1. In the folder you want to create a new page, click on the +NEW button.

    New Button

2.  Select

  • "New Interior Page" if your site uses the side navigation type.
  • "New Interior Alt Page" if your site uses the banner navigation type.

       Insert new page

3.  Complete the "New Page" box, as follows:

     General Page Setup:
  • Page Title: Enter the title of the index page
  • Description: Enter the description of the index page
  • TagsChoose tags (if any)
  • Keywords: Add keywords to describe key topics (if any)
  • Filename: Enter the file name you want with lowercase letters, underscores or dashes
     Interior Page Options:
  • Overwrite Existing: Only check this box if you want this file to overwrite any existing file with the same name in the same location.
  • Access group: Leave as is.

4.   Click CREATE.

5.   You may start editing by going to any editable region.

To create a new Section:

In order to create a new section, contact