LSUHSC-NO Centers of Research Excellence

The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans Centers of Excellence were established by the Louisiana State University Board of Regents. The Centers of Excellence consist of the following:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center of Excellence, 1991
This Center enhances the research capabilities of scientists, stimulates collaborative research efforts and strengthens educational activities in the biomedical aspects of alcohol and substance abuse throughout the Health Sciences Center.

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, 1991
The goal of the Cardiovascular Center is to improve the understanding and management of cardiovascular diseases by developing a multidisciplinary approach that integrates close, collaborative efforts among programs in basic and clinical research, clinical management, prevention, and epidemiologic and genetic studies.

Neuroscience Center of Excellence, 1989
The mission of the Center is to contribute to the creation of an environment of high standards, where investigations on the nervous system and the diseases that affect it are conducted. To this end, the identification and recruitment of outstanding faculty to build a critical mass of expertise is already a tangible asset.

Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center of Excellence, 1991

The mission of the Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center is to decrease cancer incidence and mortality in the State of Louisiana. Particular emphasis at the Cancer Center is placed on those citizens with the greatest need.


LSUHSC-NO Research Centers and Institutes

Epilepsy Center, 2002
The Epilepsy Center of Excellence is dedicated to providing breakthrough multidisciplinary epilepsy research in pharmacology, neuroelectrophysiology, neuroimaging, neurosurgery, biomedical engineering and public health, which leads to newer treatments and potential cures such as epilepsy surgery.

Eye Center, 1999
The Eye Center faculty is known for pioneering work in laser vision correction, cataract and other refractive surgeries, viral and bacterial eye disease, corneal transplantation and cornea preservation, confocal microscopy, glaucoma, wound healing, drug delivery, contact lenses, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and other retinal diseases and degeneration.

Louisiana Vaccine Center, 2009
The Louisiana Vaccine Center focuses on interdisciplinary strengths in the basic and translational science of microbial pathogenesis, immunity and vaccine research to foster the development of novel vaccines and therapies against infectious disease. The Center partners LSUHSC-New Orleans with Tulane HSC and the Xavier University of Louisiana and is directed towards building education, research, and development infrastructure to support growth and the commercialization of new discoveries.