Office of Research Services 

433 Bolivar Street, Room 206, New Orleans, LA 70112

504-568-4970 Main Telephone and Voice Mail

504-568-8808 FAX

Welcome to the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Office of Research Services. We are located on the 2nd floor of the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Library, Administration and Resource Center (RCB 206).

ALL RESEARCH PROJECTS must be registered with the LSUHSC-NO Office of Research Services (ORS) via one or more of the institutional oversight committees (IRB, IACUC and IBC). The Office of Research Services is responsible for the following programs:

  1. Grants and Contracts: Pre-award, sponsored project activity; this includes evaluation and routing for signatures all grant applications, research agreements, and clinical trial agreements.

  2. IRB: The AAHRPP “Fully Accredited” Human Research Protection Program and Institutional Review Board provides oversight for the protection of human subjects participating in research.

  3. IACUC: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee provides oversight for the welfare of animals used in research.

  4. IBC: The Institutional Bio-safety Committee (IBC) in collaboration with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides oversight of bio-safety issues and recombinant DNA research.

  5. IRE: The Instittutional Review Entity in collaboration with the IBC and EH&S provides oversight of certain types of research that can be classified as "dual use research of concern" (DURC).

  6. COI: Conflict of Interest Program is based upon Chancellor’s Memorandum #35 “Conflicts of Interests in Research”.

  7. RCR: Responsible Conduct in Research is based upon LSUHSC-NO Policy on Reporting Misconduct in Research, Section 10.7 of the LSUHSC-NO Faculty Handbook. 

 Staff Members

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 Direct Phone/

 Voice Mail

 Jawed Alam, PhD, MBA

 Executive Director


 Vacant  Grants and Contracts Coordinator


 Anissa McDougle, BS  Conflicts of Interest Coordinator


 Dyan Melson, MEd

 IRB Coordinator


 Lynn Arnold, MBA, BS, CCRC

 IRB Coordinator


 Kadie J. Rome, MPH

 IRB Coordinator



 IRB Coordinator  504-568-4372

 Rose Castay, MBA

 IACUC / IBC Coordinator


 Jennifer Pepping, DVM, MS  IACUC / IBC Coordinator