Research Conflict of Interest



LSUHSC-NO encourages faculty, staff, students, house officers, and other employees to participate in meaningful professional relationships with industry, government, and private entities. These relationships are established for mutually beneficial reasons and many times produce knowledge and intellectual property that will help the community at large. However, these relationships may create financial or non-financial interests that have the potential to create a bias in decisions

Chancellor's Memorandum #35 (CM-35)  Updated May 3, 2023 - The "Conflicts of Interest (COI) in Research" policy seeks to maintain a reasonable balance between competing interests, gives LSUHSC-NO the ability to identify and manage financial and non-financial interests, and minimizes the reporting and other burdens on investigators. This policy meets the federal regulations governing the disclosure and reporting of financial conflicts of interest (FCOI).

This Policy applies to and requires compliance by all LSUHSC-NO administrators, faculty members (including part-time, gratis, and visiting faculty), students (including post-doctoral fellows), house officers, staff and other employees, as well as immediate family members of these persons, who propose, conduct, report, or approve of the results of research, regardless of funding source. 

External personnel participating in LSUHSC-NO research must also follow this policy unless they are affiliated with an institution listed on the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) website.  The FDP website lists institutions whose authorized official have certified that they are compliant with the PHS FCOI rules and regulations.