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Classified positions and the employees who serve in them are subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Rules. This means that classified employees:

  • Must be hired in an open, competitive manner prescribed by SCS;
  • Must meet statewide minimum qualification standards set by SCS;
  • Must be paid in accordance with the rules;
  • May only be disciplined (for cause) or removed after being provided due process; and
  • May NOT participate in political activities related to the support of any political candidate, party or faction at any level of government, including federal or local, as well as state.


Unclassified employees:

  • May participate in political activities;
  • May be separated without cause or due process; and
  • Serves at the pleasure of the appointing authority, i.e. they are “at will” employees.

Positions that are designated as unclassified by the state constitution are not subject to the hiring and compensation standards set by State Civil Service, although they may have qualification requirements and pay limits set by state statutes. When the Commission or the Director designates a position as unclassified, they may choose to set parameters regarding qualifications or compensation as a condition of their approval of the position. However, anyone appointed to a management level position that has been designated by the Commission as unclassified must at least meet the minimum qualification standards defined in La. R.S. 42:67.1, which are: a bachelor’s degree (or four years related experience) plus three years responsible managerial experience. (The Commission may add additional requirements.)

A faculty employee is a professional staff member who works within an academic institution, typically a college or university. Their responsibilities often include teaching courses, conducting research, advising students, and participating in administrative duties. Faculty members usually hold advanced degrees in their field of expertise and contribute to the academic and scholarly environment of the institution.