HR Operations

HR Operations


The Operations team of Human Resource Management administers the staffing, recruitment and employee operations of LSU Health New Orleans' faculty, other academic staff, professional staff, classified staff, house officers and student workers.

Operational  Resources


Organizations who wish to verify the employment1 of a LSU Health - New Orleans current or past employee will use an automated external employment verification service, The Work Number®.

The Work Number® is available 24/7.


LSU Health - New Orleans Employer Code is 17745

 1Excludes the following verifications: any prior state service, gratis, social service. Please contact the Office of Human Resource Management for those requests only - or (504) 568-4834.

Verification type Options Information Required

Commercial: mortgage loan, auto finance, credit card, job offer, apartment lease, etc.


1. Employer Name or Code: 17745

2. Employee's Social Security Number

Social Services: Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, subsidized housing, etc.

(only available to qualifying assistance agencies)

LSU Health - New Orleans HRM

(504) 568-4834

1. Appropriate form for completion

2. Employee Signed and Dated Authorization