Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid Office administers grants, loans, scholarships, and part-time employment. Students interested in receiving financial aid should contact this Office well in advance of their expected enrollment. Each student's need for aid will be evaluated on information supplied and in accordance with Financial Aid Policy of the Health Sciences Center. Representatives of the Office are available for consultation with all candidates for admission and with students.

Although the primary responsibility for financing an education rests with the student and the student's immediate family, it is recognized that many students require additional assistance in order to meet their educational costs.

Awards from aid programs funded by the Federal or State government are administered according to laws and regulations governing those programs. Priority is given to students with the greatest documented need whose completed applications are received by the appropriate deadline.

LSU Health Foundation's scholarship application website
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Federal Student Aid ID

The U.S. Department of Education has discontinued use of student PIN numbers for access to certain secured/protected websites including the FAFSA, and National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) sites.  To access these sites you must apply for a new Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.  You can use your PIN to streamline the application by pre-populating certain data fields, but must access the sites using the new FSA ID.  A brief guide to applying  for a FSA ID and a Frequently Asked Questions page are linked below.

Student Award Processing

Financial Aid Notifications (FAN) for the upcoming academic year roll out via email, generelly beginning in late Spring.  We review applications and process awards in FAFSA process date order (the date the federal processor generated your FAFSA result).  If you received an email notification informing you your application is complete (ready for award processing) it is in our queue for review.

Where Do You Live?

Please ensure that your FAFSA reflects the correct housing code.  LSHUSC is required by federal regulation to establish student expense budgets based on student living accommodations, and our system initially assigns budgets based on FAFSA housing code designations.  Our national financial aid association highlighted the federal requirement that we establish a separate budget for students living on-campus, in addition to budgets for students living with parents and those living off-campus, not with parents.  The monthly living expense amounts (rounded to the nearest month for the enrollment period only) for 2016-17 are:  With Parents, $1033; On-Campus, $1744; and, Off-Campus (not  with parents), $1981.

Tuition & Fees

Current student financial aid budgets for the upcoming academic year include estimates of tuition and fees.  If finalized tuition and fees vary significantly from our projected figures we will adjust student budgets accordingly.

Mailing Address

Student Financial Aid Office
LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans
433 Bolivar Street, Room 215
New Orleans, LA 70112-2223


(504) 568-4820


(504) 599-1390