Website Redesign


1.   Open an editable region.

2.  From the toolbar, click the Table icon table icon

3.  From the drop-down menu, click on the "Table" option.

4.  Select the appropriate number of rows and columns by hovering over the grid.

   insert table


  2X2 table example:2X2 Table

5.   Add desired content to the table. 

6.   To add or remove rows and columns, click on the table icon in the tool-bar table icon , click on "Row" or "Column" and click "Insert..." 

   Insert row


7.  To adjust the table, Right click on the table and select Table Properties.

    table properties

    table properties box

8.  The "Table Properties" option allows users to specify the following:

  • Width: Width of the table, in pixels
  • Height: Height of the table, in pixels
  • Cell spacing: Space between cells, in pixels
  • Cell padding: Space inside cells between the border and the content, in pixels
  • Border: Thickness of cell borders, in pixels
  • Show Caption: Addition of space for a caption above the table
  • Alignment: Alignment of the table on the page "Left," "Center," "Right," or "None"
  • Class: Styling for the table

9.  Click Save.

    save button

10.  Publish to view the changes in the live site.

  publish button


Example of a 3X3 table with filled content:

Item No. Topic One  Topic Two
1 Contact Us News
2 Directory Events