Institutional Research Support Program through the School of Medicine

The Research Enhancement Program (REP) of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine is an intramural resource that supports the research endeavors of the School's faculty members. It consists of four programs: (1) Bridge Grants, (2) New Project Grants, (3) Clinical Research Grants, and (4) Laboratory Supplements for Competitive Proposals.

The objective of the IRSP is to improve and to enhance research productivity and environment of the School of Medicine. In order to accomplish these objectives, the REP will be used to support, on a short-term basis, meritorious projects submitted to the Grant Evaluation Committee throughout the calendar year. The Bridge Grant, New Project Grant, and Clinical Research Grant Programs are awarded to investigators by the Dean of the School of Medicine based on the review and recommendations of the Institutional Grant Review Committee. The deadlines for submission are March 9th, July 9th, and November 9th.

The purpose of the Laboratory Supplements for Competitive Proposals program is to provide direct laboratory support for investigators submitting grants to the NIH, NSF, or DOD that receive a competitive score, and for achieving funding for a major extramural research project. There are no deadlines for Laboratory Supplements.

Additional information on each of these programs can be found through the School of Medicine Research Website, on the Institutional Research Grants webpage, or via