Did You Know???

* ANY LSUHSC faculty can be an effective facilitator in Team Up.

* Team Up facilitators should use their experience as an IPE facilitator

in their promotion and tenure packet.

*   As a Team Up facilitator, you will interact with students from all six HSC schools.


Since we are teaching such a vast array of students, it is equally important to have faculty representation from every school and program present as facilitators. Your presence and participation as a facilitator is an important part of your school/program having a needed voice in the implementation of these activities. Nearly every school was represented during the planning process of each activity/case study, and we recognize that continuing in this interprofessional spirt is of the utmost importance.

     In addition to expanding our students' education, your participation as an IPE facilitator can and should added to your dossier for promotion.

     Beginning in March, our office will offer the following three part educational series (each one hour in length) which will train you to be an effective IPE facilitator:

  1. Overview of IPE/application to classroom teaching
  2. Becoming an IPE facilitator
  3. Immersion Experience (tailored to the specific date(s) you facilitate)


Click HERE to be a Team Up facilitator