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Office of Technology Management

Welcome to the Office of Technology Management at the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans.  We are located in Suite 827 on the 8th Floor of the Library, Administration, and Resource Center (433 Bolivar Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112).

The primary responsibility of the Office of Technology Management is to facilitate the research enterprise.  We help faculty, staff, and students translate their novel technologies to the marketplace for public benefit.  We ask that you disclose inventions to the Office of Technology Management before submitting manuscripts for publication.

University technology licensing serves to:

  • Facilitate the commercialization of research results for public benefit
  • Reward, retain, and recruit faculty
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with industry
  • Foster local economic development
  • Generate revenue to support additional research

In partnership with the Office of Research Services, we are charged with establishing and enabling the relationships necessary for certain aspects of research and collaboration to occur, including the negotiation of Material Transfer Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements, and Inter-Institutional Agreements.

We are committed to encouraging economic development for the New Orleans region and the State of Louisiana.  We encourage industry to contact us regarding licensing opportunities for LSU Health Sciences Center technology.