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Outlook Web App Support

Problems frequently encountered using Outlook Web App (OWA)

  • If you've entered your login information but receive another login prompt then you may be experiencing one of the following problems:
    • Your ID or password was entered incorrectly -- Login again with the correct information 
    • Your account is locked or expired -- Contact the Help Desk at (504) 568-HELP (4357)
    • Your browser is not accepting cookies -- Change your browser's configuration to accept cookies 
  • Outlook Web App requires a web browser that supports frames and JavaScript. Your browser must also be configured to accept cookies. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer (free).
  • Contact the Help Desk for all other OWA related issues at (504) 568-HELP (4357).

Outlook Web App (OWA) Instructional Media

What is the Light version of OWA referenced on the login screen

Outlook Web App provides access to email and calendaring over the internet. The Premium version of Outlook Web App 2010 is much more robust than its predecessor at LSUHSC, Outlook Web Access 2003. With nearly all features of the Outlook 2010 client program, the Premium version of OWA may quickly become your preferred email access method.

In order to use Outlook Web App 2010 Premium, you must meet the following browser requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later
  • Apple Safari 3.1 or later
  • Google Chrome 3.0 or later on Windows and Mac operating systems only

If you use a Web browser that doesn't support the full set of features, Outlook Web App will open in light version. The light version provides fewer features but is still highly usable.  Outlook Web App Light is also designed to optimize the Outlook Web App experience for slower network connections. 

You can choose to use the light version of Outlook Web App by selecting the check box on the initial login screen.

Use the light version of Outlook Web App check box on login screen

Below is a feature matrix comparison between the Light and Premium versions.


Feature Light OWA
Spelling Checker Not available Available
Reading Pane Not available Available
Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Users Available Not available
Notifications and Reminders Not available Available
Weekly Calendar Views Not available Available
Compose Messages by Using HTML Only plain text is available in Outlook Web Access Light Available
Calendar Options Limited to the following features: Available
  * Show week numbers  
  * Set the first day of the week  
  * Select days of the week  
  * Set day start and end times  
Arrange By Limited to a subset of choices, depending on the folder type Available
Right-Click Menu Not available Available
Drag-and-Drop Not available Available
Resource Mailbox Management Not available Available
Voice Mail Options Not available Available
Favorites Not available Available
OCS Integration Not available Available
Public Folders Not available Available
Share a calendar Not available Available
Open a shared calendar Not available Available
Monthly calendar views Not available Available
Conversation view Not available Available
Scroll between pages Available Not available
Retention Policies Not available Available
Users can create and edit personal distribution lists Not available Available
users can create and edit server side rules Not available Available
S/MIME support Not available Available
RMS Protection Not available Available
RBAC - Change user settings Not available Available
RBAC - Administrator settings Not available Available
Web ready document viewing Not available Available
Nickname cache Not available (There is a list of most recent recipients) Available
Message Tracking Not available Available
Advanced Search Not available Available
Mailtips Not available Available
Exchange Control Panel Not available Available
Attach Message to a Message Not available Available