Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Multicultural Affairs

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Multicultural Affairs assists the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with an array of academic matters ranging from accreditation to governmental relations.  This office is responsible for overseeing and evaluating multicultural affairs at the Health Sciences Center.  This is accomplished through consulting and advising with each Dean's Office, each school’s Multicultural/Diversity Committee, and the LSUHSC-NO Multicultural Advisory Committee.

The goal of this office is outlined in the 2009-19 LSUHSC-NO Strategic Plan, which states:

At LSUHSC-NO, we seek to eliminate barriers and nurture talent. It is part of our institutional culture to promote participation by every member of our university community, encourage involvement from citizens of our city and State, and provide excellent medical care for Louisiana’s diverse multicultural population. LSUHSC-NO will constantly seek ways to promote multiculturalism in our:

  • Faculty, staff and student body

  • Curriculum

  • Patient care activities

  • Interactions with the general public

To accomplish this goal the Associate Vice Chancellor will:

  1. Establish and maintain a foundation of support networks to increase and retain representation of historically underrepresented groups.

  2. Collect and analyze records/statistics to monitor effectiveness of related programs across the schools and administrative divisions.

  3. Provide regular reports on retention, promotion and demographic data on faculty, staff and students to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Chancellor, and LSU System Office.

  4. Serve as an advocate for the success and development of students, faculty and staff from the entire range of racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

  5. Envision and develop strategic diversity initiatives that promote an institutional climate that equally welcomes, nurtures and respects the culture and contributions of all members of the community.

  6. Provide leadership and direction for the development of educational, cultural and social programs that enhance and illuminate intercultural understanding.

  7. Assume a role of visible leadership by recommending, developing and implementing LSUHSC-NO programs and initiatives focused on campus diversity and multicultural affairs.

  8. Serve as an “ex officio” member of all major search committees.