The Office of Research Services is currently maintaining a normal work schedule but most staff are working remotely. Any routing packets, contracts or other documents  that require review should be sent electronically via email to Ann Clesi at  Hard copies of documents will not be reviewed until the Work from Home Authorization expires. Thanks and stay safe.


Grants and Contracts Processing

What to Route to the Office of Research Services

For all grant applications (paper and electronic)

All "special conditions" noted in Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs), such as limitations on the number of proposals accepted from a single institution, must be presented and discussed with the Office of Research Services prior to application submission.

At least 10 working days in advance of an application deadline, PIs should provide to the Office of Research Services:

  1. A double-sided yellow routing sheet completely filled out and signed by the PI, Business Manager, and Department Head
    • Routing sheets must be printed on yellow paper.
    • Routing sheets without keywords will be returned without review.
    • Routing sheets must contain information on regulatory (IRB / IACUC/ IBC, etc.) approvals (if applicable).
    • If a particular signer is unavailable, signing authority to another party can only be delegated in writing.
  2. A project abstract
    • A draft is acceptable, but the abstract should reflect the entire proposed scope of work.
  3. A face page (including a signature line for institutional official).  If the sponsor's application forms don't include a face page, you can use the NIH's "standard" face page, as linked herein.
  4. A budget.
    • Budgets should include information on how F&A (“indirect”) costs were calculated.
  5. A budget justification
  6. Sponsor's official written policy on F&A costs (if sponsor will not pay current federally-negotiated rate)
    • A letter or e-mail from the sponsor merely saying that they will not pay full F&A is not sufficient to request a waiver of F&A cost recovery.
    • If the sponsor does not have an official written policy on F&A costs, and is not willing to pay the current federally-negotiated rate, you must secure and include in your routed materials a letter from the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, approving your request that F&A costs be waived (be aware that the request may or may not be granted).
    • Please see Permanent Memorandum 10 ( for more information on Indirect Cost Allowances on Grants and Contracts.
  7. Letters of Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement
    • These letters are required if a prime/subawardee relationship is proposed (the subawardee should sign first).
    • If LSUHSC-NO is the proposed subawardee, investigators are not authorized to release information to prime applicants until materials are reviewed and approved.
  8. SBIR/STTR letter(s) (if applicable)
  9. COI Team Member Form
    • The COI Team Member Form must be submitted with projects that are routed to the Office of Research Services.  Each person identified on the COI Team Member Form must have a current electronic COI form on file in the Kuali COI module or must complete an electronic COI form in the Kuali COI module. 
    • In lieu of the electronic COI form, a FDP printout should be provided for external personnel who are affiliated with an institution listed on the FDP website:  External personnel can also provide an email from the institution’s authorized official stating that they are compliant with the PHS FCOI policy. Institutions or individuals who do not operate under a PHS-compliant FCOI policy must complete the electronic COI form in the Kuali COI module.

For electronic grant applications

  1. At least 5 working days in advance of an application deadline, PIs should transmit to the Office of Research Services a complete electronic (e.g., submission.
  2. Email both Ann Clesi and Dr. Jawed Alam when the grant is ready for submission.
  3. For NIH applications :  Once an application has been retrieved by the NIH and is available for viewing by the PI and SO/AOR in Commons, it is the PI’s responsibility to, within two weekdays , send an e-mail to Ann Clesi and Dr. Jawed Alam either requesting that the application be rejected, or agreeing to allow the application to proceed to receipt and referral.

Applications will be reviewed, approved, submitted, and otherwise
handled on a first-come, first-served basis.