We compiled a list of

LSUHSC Lactation Spaces


We proposed the following resolution

passed by the Faculty Senate on leave

policies, including parental  leave,

and tenure clock extension

Faculty Senate Resolution on Leave and Tenure Clock Extension

Summary of Lactation Spaces

Public Health: Lions 332.

School of Dentistry:   Room 6341 (Clinic Bldg)

School of Medicine:

University Medical Center—4 dedicated spaces in the Faculty Women’s locker room (accessible by all UMCNO badges, trainee and staff)

School of Medicine CSRB 265

School of Medicine—room 717, 7th floor Lion’s building

Touro Infirmary—Room A237 on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

School of Nursing: Nursing’s Lactation Station is located on the 4th Floor of the SON (4B11B)


For details, click on the link to lactation spaces above

Committee on Gender and Equity in the Workplace

Mission Statement

“The committee will strive to ensure that the work environment is family friendly and equitable with respect to gender.”




Angela Amedee (Graduate School)

Zee Ali (School of Medicine)

Sandy Andrieu (School of Dentistry)

Mark Blanchard (School of Allied Health)

Carmen Canavier (School of Medicine)

Toby Cheramie  (School of Dentistry)

Jane Eason (School of Allied Health)

Art Haas (Graduate School)

Paula Kensler (School of Nursing)

Edward Peters (School of Public Health)

Todd Tartavoulle (School of Nursing)

Donna Williams (School of Public Health)