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School of Allied Health Professions 568-4246
School of Dentistry 619-8500
School of Graduate Studies 568-4804
School of Medicine (New Orleans) 568-4007
School of Nursing 568-4106
School of Public Health 568-5700

Delta Region Aids Ed & Training Ctr.

Delta Region Aids Ed & Training Ctr. 568-3855

Dental Clinics

Dental Clinics 619-8770
Appointments (New Adult Appts.) 619-8770
Center of Clinical Research 941-8321
Patient Accounts 941-8233

Dental Health Resources

Dental Health Resources (Dental Medicaid) 941-8211

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene 941-8153

Dental Laboratory Technology

Dental Laboratory Technology 941-8283

Dental Maintenance

Dental Maintenance 941-8116

Dental School

For Information & Numbers Not Listed Below 619-8700
Academic Affairs 941-8111
Admissions 941-8124
Advanced Education 941-8113
Advanced Education (Gen. Dentistry) 941-8257
Alumni Affairs 941-8120
Business Office 941-8104
Dean 619-8500
Dental Hygiene 941-8153
Dental Laboratory Technology 941-8283
Student Affairs & Records 941-8122


Dermatology 568-4885

Direct Pay

Direct Pay 568-4883

Distribution Inventory Services

Distribution Inventory Services 568-4838

Division of Addictive Disorders

Division of Addictive Disorders 568-4933

Duplicating and Printing

Duplicating and Printing 568-4455/3311