Optimize PDFs for the Web

It is important to optimize PDFs for web viewing.  Optimized PDF files save room on web servers and decrease web page load times.


How to Optimize a PDF for web (Using Adobe Acrobat Pro)

  1. File > Save As >Optimized PDF
  2. From here choose "Audit space usage.." (top-right)  to find out exactly what is taking up the most space
  3. Use the options located in the PDF Optimizer to optimize the PDF based on the information retrieved from the audit
  4. Press OK and choose a location to save the file

Additional Tips for Optimizing PDFs

  • Optimizing images

    • It is important to note that large images inside a PDF are often the cause of large PDF files.  It may be necesary to go through and resize these images individually to get the best PDF optimization results.

  • Avoid using several different fonts

    • Each font that is used in a PDF adds additional data to the PDF file.  In order to get a smaller file size, use a limited number of fonts.
  • Recognize Text

    • When working with scanned PDF documents, recognizing document text allows users on the web to search the documents in browser.
      • In Adobe Acrobat select (In the right panel) Tools > Recognize Text > In this File
      • Following this Adobe Acrobat will scan the text. 
      • Be sure to save the PDF after this process is finished.