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University Contracts

The contracts listed below were solicited and awarded as University-wide contracts by LSUHSC or sister institutions.  THESE CONTRACTS ARE TO BE USED TO PURCHASE THE COMMODITIES LISTED IN ORDER TO MOST EFFECTIVELY LEVERAGE OUR UNIVERSITY SPEND.  This list should continue to grow as we continue to leverage our buying power and negotiate contracts for the organization as a whole.  Please email Rob Parker at if you have a suggestion for commodities or services that should be considered for a university contract.

  • Coffee- Awarded Vendor: Standard Coffee



  • Soft Drinks- Awarded Vendor: Coca Cola


  • Bottled & Filtered Water-  Awarded Vendor: Kentwood Springs



  •  National Cancer Institute Animal Program
    • The National Cancer Institute operates and administers a large laboratory animal production program that is available to all investigators whose research is federally funded. These colonies are maintained by Charles Rivers and invoicing is either direct or through Charles Rivers. Please note that these are separate colonies from those belonging to Charles Rivers and any scientific concerns regarding these colonies should be discussed with NCI before proceeding.
    • Click here for pricing and ordering instructions for the NCI Animal Program


  • Office Supplies-  Awarded Vendor:  Office Max
    •  You may access Office Max on-line and pay using your LaCarte p-card at the following web address :