Frequently Used Accounts for purchases

Account number          Account name
557000 Subawards-Sponsored Projects
(Subcontract services provided by Institutions)
555000 Other Professional Services
 (Subcontract services provided by hospitals &other vendors)
550000 Professional Services
(Services provided by lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, actuaries, doctors, dentists, psychologists, certified advanced practice nurses, veterinarians)
555310 Prof Services Patient Care
(Services provided by doctors for patient care)
555500 Profess-Personal Consult Serv
(Services provided by graphic artists, musicians, photographers, writers, paramedicals, therapists, handwriting analysts, foreign representatives, and expert witnesses )
533000 Laboratory Services
563810 Lic Fees-Data Process Software
(Initial or renewal purchase of licensing fees)
538600 Telecommunications Services
(Conference calls; mobile services)
Small Purchases
549200 Scientific Supplies
545700 Medical And Dental Supplies
546700 Office Supplies
548700 Safety Supplies
517000 Safety equipment
542700 Computer Supplies
542200 Computer Software ( up to $4,999)
540220 Agricultural Supplies-Feed
535802 Freight
540160 Minor repair
Small Equipment & Software Purchases ( $1,000-$4,999)
540112 Tag-Scientific Equipment
540109 Taggable-Dental Equipment
540118 Taggable-Medical Equipment
540121 Taggable-Office Equipment
540103 Taggable-Computer Hardware
Equipment & Software Purchases ($5,000 and above)
572500 Acquis-Scientific Equipment
572300 Acquisitions-Dental Equipment
573700 Acquisitions-Medical Equipment
574000 Acquisitions-Office Equipment
572200 Acquisitions-Computer Software
571900 Acquisitions-Computer Hardware
571600 Acquis-Communications Equip ( Audio-Visual)
Repairs ( $5,000 and above)
577500 Major repairs-scientific equipment
577300 Major repairs- dental equipment
578700 Major repairs-medical equipment
579000 Major repairs- office equipment
534620 Mtenance-Contr&Non Contr-Equip
534650 Mtenance-Cont&Non Cont-Comp Hw
(Computer hardware maintenance)
534655 Mtenance-Cont&Non Cont-Comp Sw
(Computer software maintenance)


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