Emergency Medical Treatment, Incident and Accident Investigations


Prompt medical care may prevent a minor injury from becoming a major one. The following procedures should be followed in the event of a medical emergency.



In the event of a major medical emergency, such as severe physical injury, heart attack, or chemical poisoning, the person discovering the injured party should call 911 and give the following information:

  • Location of the injured person (provide detailed information such as landmark, building or room number).
  • Name of the injured person
  • Nature of the injury
  • Name of person reporting the injury.

After being released by the 911 operator, call the University Police at 568-8999 and inform them of your location, the name of the injured person, the nature of the injury, your name, and that you have called 911.  The University Police will respond to your location and assist emergency medical personnel in locating the injured person.



ALL persons injured on LSUHSC-NO property should notify University Police (568-8999).  The University Police will respond to the situation and, if required, call for emergency medical services.  If a minor injury, personnel are responsible for providing their own transportation to receive medical aid.

Worker’s compensation coverage is available for LSUHSC-NO employees or student workers injured during the course and scope of their employment. The injured employee has the right to seek medical attention/treatment from a physician/provider of their choice.  Similarly, students and visitors should seek treatment from the physician of their choice.

The LSUHSC-NO Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) should be contacted at (504)-568-3916 to verify initial medical treatment up to $750 for non-emergency care.  In the event of a serious injury, immediately seek medical treatment and then notify HRM at (504)-568-3916 or email Paulette Albera at PAlber@lsuhsc.edu.   After hours, the employee should contact University Police (568-8999).  University Police will then contact HRM to verify medical treatment.

School of Dentistry employees and students requiring minor first aid during normal working hours should call the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at 619-8565.




When an employee is injured at work and seeks medical treatment, a DA 1973-E1 Form (available at   http://www.lsuhsc.edu/no/administration/hrm/forms.aspx) must be completed by the employee’s supervisor and forwarded to HRM within five calendar days of the employee’s injury or discovery thereof.  HRM must notify the State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management (ORM) of the potential claim within ten calendar days of the injury.  In the event of a serious injury, notify HRM immediately via telephone at (504) 568-3916 or email PAlber@lsuhsc.edu.  The DA 1973-E1 Form should then be completed and sent to HRM.


An accident is an unplanned event that caused personal injury or property damage.  Even “minor” injuries such as cuts or sprains are considered results of accidents.  When in doubt, treat a situation as if it were an accident.  An incident is defined as an unplanned, or “near-miss”, event that could have caused personal injury or property damage.

The DA 2000 Form must be completed for ALL minor or major “employee” incidents/accidents

  • When a LSUHSC employee reports an incident or accident that occurred on the job, the employee’s supervisor must complete the first page of the DA 2000 Form (available at  http://doa.louisiana.gov/orm/lpforms.htm)and submit the original to Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) with a copy to HRM within five calendar days.
  • EH&S shall complete the “Root Cause Analysis” portion of the form. However, for incidents or accidents sustained during medical procedures at hospitals and clinics, the employee’s supervisor is responsible for completing the entire form, including the Root Cause Analysis and providing copies to EH&S and HRM.



For Students:

  • The student shall immediately notify his or her instructor of the incident or accident.
  • The student’s instructor shall notify University Police of the incident or accident. University Police will respond to all reported serious incidents and accidents, conduct initial investigation, and notify EH&S for follow-up analysis.
  • The instructor shall document the injury and circumstances thereof on a DA 3000 Form (available at  http://doa.louisiana.gov/orm/lpforms.htm) and submit copies to EH&S (mbrous@lsuhsc.edu) and the LSUHSC-NO Office of Risk Management (risk@lsuhsc.edu).
  • EH&S shall maintain copies of the DA 3000s on file and use them to perform trend analyses to prevent further recurrences.

For a Visitors, Clients, and Contractors:

  • Ensure the visitor, client, or contractor (or their University escort) notifies University Police immediately
  • University Police will respond to all reported incidents and accidents, conduct an initial investigation, and send a copy of their investigative report to both EH&S and LSUHSC-NO Office of Risk Management.
  • EH&S shall use the Investigative Report to prepare a DA 3000 form to document any visitor, client, or contractor incident/accident at LSUHSC-NO.
  • The LSUHSC-NO Office of Risk Management will examine the report for potential liability exposure and notify the State of Louisiana ORM accordingly.