Emergency Response Actions


In the event of an emergency that impacts LSUHSC, it is important that faculty, staff and students have an understanding of how they should react and how information regarding the emergency is communicated.   Click on the menu on the left side of the page to access the Emergency Response Plan, and to access guidance on how you should respond to emergencies.

A successful response relies heavily upon communication.  LSUHSC transmits information via the University web site, phone trees, email, text messaging and digital signage.  During an emergency, the Text Alert System (a key element of the Emergency Alert System) is used to send text alert messages directly to your phone.  To receive these alerts, you must opt-in to the system by providing your cell phone or personal email information during registration.  See Text Alert System for more information regarding registration.

In the event of an emergency affecting the entire University, the LSUHSC  Emergency Response Group (ERG) may be activated.  The ERG will work closely with the School Operations Centers (SOCs) in responding to and recovering from a major emergency.  The SOCs will then communicate with the departments under their control.

In a major emergency, the 911 lines may be overwhelmed.  If you need immediate assistance persist in your efforts to reach a 911 operator.  University Police can be contacted at 568-8999.