Emergency Response Actions


Natural Gas Leaks, Odors and Fumes


Do to the potential urgency, the work request system should not be used to report an odor concern .  If you smell natural gas or other odors/fumes during working hours contact Facility Services at 568-7716.  Contact University Police after working hours at 568-8999.  Environmental Health and Safety/Facility Services will then be contacted to investigate.

All natural gas leaks are considered to present an existing or probable hazard to persons or property and require immediate attention to assess the extent of the hazard and necessary manners of control.   A natural gas emergency is a situation where a natural gas odor has been identified and all of the following conditions are present:

    • The natural gas odor is persistent, (i.e., continues to be detected via sense of smell as you walk from the area).
    • The odor continues to be substantial, (i.e., does not decrease with increasing distance).
    • The source of the odor cannot be readily identified.

When a gas line has been broken or a gas leak is suspected, follow these procedures :

  • Cease operations immediately and DO NOT operate any electrical devices (phones, electrical switches, electrical machines, etc.).
  • Open doors to ventilate the area.
  • Evacuate the immediate area and contact Facility Services at 568-7716 (or University Police after hours).  Provide your name, contact information, location and the exact location of the suspected leak.

EH&S will perform air monitoring to determine if evacuation is required.  The building's main gas supply valve may be shut off if the source of the leak can't be readily identified