Emergency Response Actions


Bomb Threat


  • A bomb threat may come to the attention of the receiver in various ways.  It is important to compile as much information as possible.  DO NOT attempt to notify or evacuate an entire building as this could consume valuable time that would be better used to gather important information.
  • Remember that the vast majority of bomb threats are false and are primarily intended to elicit a response from the building occupants.  In the case of a written threat, it is vital that the document be handled by as few people as possible, as this is evidence that should be turned over to the University Police.
  • If the threat is received via e-mail, make sure to save the information on your computer. Most bomb threats are transmitted over the telephone; thus, the following instructions are provided with that assumption.


Collecting Information

  • For threats via phone, use the Telephone Bomb Threat Checklist  to collect information on the caller.  This checklist should be located near to your phone.  If applicable, pay attention to your telephone display and record the information shown in the display window.
  • The objective is to keep the caller on the line as long as possible to attempt to gather as much information as possible. Try not to anger the caller at any time.
  • While engaging the caller, pay attention to any background noise and distinctive sounds (machinery, traffic, other voices, music, television, etc.).
  • Note any characteristics of the caller's voice (gender, age, education, accent, etc.).
  • Attempt to obtain information on the location of a device (building, floor, room, etc.) and time of detonation.
  • Campus Police will manage all bomb threat activities.  Immediately after the call ends, notify the Campus Police at 568-8999.
  • If the threat was left on your voice mail, do not erase.
  • Notify the immediate supervisor within your work area.


Response to a bomb threat could include a search and/or evacuation of one or more buildings.  Direction on how to respond will be given via the Text Alert System .