Emergency Response Actions



Notifying Authorities of an Emergency

  • Prompt notification is a key element of an effective response to an emergency.  Should you need to report an incident or emergency, contact University Police at 568-8999 or call 911.
  • In you need help from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) for clean-up of a chemical, biological or radiological spill, contact University Police; they will notify EH&S via radio.
  • University Police maintains desks 24/7 at the Roman Garage, Residence Hall and School of Dentistry Clinic.  During working hours, University Police also maintains desks at the Resource Center, Clinical Education Building (1542 Tulane) and Allied Health/School of Nursing

The LSUHSC-NO Emergency Alert System

  • In the event of an emergency situation, LSUHSC can transmit pertinent information via the University website, phone trees, e-mail, text messaging, and digital signage to the entire spectrum of students, faculty and staff.  These are all elements of the Emergency Alert System.
  • The Text Alert System is a key element of the Emergency Alert System.  In a time sensitive situation, text messages will likely be the initial means of communication.  To receive these alerts, you must opt-in to the system by providing your cell phone or personal email information during registration.  See Text Alert System for more information regarding registration.
  • Mass emails are often sent subsequent to text messages to provide more detail on the situation.  These mass emails, as well as the text messages, are also posted to the Emergency Alerts Web Page.
  • Emergency information will also be posted to the digital signage located throughout the campuses.
  • To further enhance your awareness both during and after working hours, you can subscribe to NOLA Ready, the City of New Orleans' Emergency Alert System, which provides notifications via text message or email on issues such as mandatory city evacuation information, weather advisories, water boils, power outages, and traffic issues.