Military Deployment And Homecoming Resources

Currently the Department Of Defense employs well over 3 million personal. Almost half of which are Ready and Stand by Reserves. Since 1990, there have been six occasions on which the President has initiated an involuntary call-up of Reserve Component members to active duty. The use of Guard and Reserve troops to support operational requirements has steadily grown from around 900,000 duty -days annually in the early 1990s to an annual level of over 12 million duty-days since 1995. As of May 7, 2003 there were 219,497 Reserve and National Guard on active duty.

    The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) was signed into law on October 13, 1994. USERRA clarifies and strengthens the Veterans' Reemployment Rights (VRR) Statute.

  • Resilience in a Time of War
    In times of war, it's not unusual for people to have feelings of uncertainty. No one knows how long a war will last or how it will affect our lives. We may feel uncertain about the future and anxious about events that are out of our control.

  • ESGR
    The National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) was created to inform employers of the ever-increasing importance of the National Guard and Reserve and to explain the necessity for - and role of - these forces in national defense.

  • Return and Reunion
    Various resources are listed on this web site to assist returning Reservist cope with the return to work and reunion with loved ones.

  • Job Rights and Military Leave for Reservists and Members of the National Guard
    A comprehensive listing of resources and rights for the Reservist and National Guard member.

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