Citrix StoreFront with Android

  1. Download and install the “Citrix Workspace” app from the App Store.

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  2. Upon the initial opening of the application, you should receive the following six messages.   For the first one, you should tap “Allow” if you want to be able to access photos or documents on your phone from inside Citrix.  It's also fine to select "Deny" if you prefer.   For the second third and fourth messages, we recommend you select "Deny".   For the fifth and sixth messages, tap “Got It” and “Get Started”, respectively. 

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  3. In the following screen, enter into the Address field.  Be sure to click inside the check box that says “Add account type as Web Interface”, and then tap “Done” on the lower right of the touch-screen keyboard.    Alternatively, touch “Continue” to proceed.

    2018 9:07:46 AM 2018 9:09:10 AM
  4. Next, you will see the Citrix Workspace login dialog window:

    2018 10:01:44 AM 

    Enter your typical LSUHSC user id and password, then tap “Log On”.

  5. You should next see a list of your Citrix desktops, ready for you to launch, similar to below:

    2018 10:06:09 AM

    To launch a desktop just tap its corresponding icon.

  6. To access Published Apps, touch the 3 bars on the top left-hand side, then touch “APPS”.  The published apps you have access to should appear.

  7. 2018 10:16:15 AM 2018 10:17:25 AM

  8. To log off:

    Tap the 3 bars on the top left hand-side of the screen.  Touch “Log Off”.

  9. 2018 10:20:16 AM

  10. On-going use of Citrix Receiver:

    Since you have already saved your Workspace settings, in the future, if you launch the Workspace app, it will automatically prompt you to choose an “Account” to log on to.   Tap “Store” and proceed.

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