Citrix StoreFront with Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and browse to
  2. If this is the first time you have visited the StoreFront site, or if you have recently cleared your Cookies, you will be prompted with the window shown below.     Click “Detect Receiver”.


  3. If you receive a message window that says something about “Look for an App in the Store”, just ignore that message and click anywhere away from that message window.   Alternatively, you may or may not see the window shown below.  If it does appear, simply click on "Citrix Receiver Launcher" to highlight it, and then click "Open Link".

  4. Next you should see:

  5. If you already have Citrix Receiver installed on your workstation you will immediately be directed to the StoreFront logon dialog, and you can Skip to Step 11 of this document.   

    If you were not taken directly to the StoreFront logon page, proceed to click inside the “I agree…” checkbox shown above, and then click the “Download” button.Then click “Save File” as shown in the box below:

  6. Now find the Downloads button, which looks like an arrow pointing downward (shown below) in the upper right of Firefox, and click the down-arrow:


    ….and click directly on the item whose name starts with “CitrixReceiver…”:


    If prompted with a window that asks “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device”, click “Yes”.
  7. You will next see the window below:


    Click “Start”.  Click the checkbox next to the “I accept…”. Then click “Next”.  

  8. In the window below you can leave the checkbox blank next to “Enable Single Sign-on”, but it will not hurt anything if you accidentally click this checkbox.   Click “Install”.


  9. The Citrix Receiver install will proceed.   At the end, click on “Finish”.   (Do not click “Add Account”).
  10. Go back the Firefox window.   If you see a button that says “Continue”, click on it.
  11. You should now see the StoreFront logon dialog, shown below.  Simply log on with your typical LSUHSC User ID and password:

  12. You will now see your available Citrix desktop connections, similar to the screenshot below:


    From the above you can launch your Citrix desktop(s) simply by clicking their corresponding icons shown above.  Your desktop should now launch.

    If you have any standalone Citrix applications, you can click on the “APPS” button depicted above, and launch the application(s) in a similar way.   If you wish to set up Favorites, simply click on the “FAVORITES” button shown above, and follow the simple on-screen instructions.    (Setting up favorites is completely optional.)

  13. Important:  Along with StoreFront comes a new way of viewing and interacting with your Citrix desktops, using a new feature called the “Desktop Viewer”.   This viewer looks and behaves somewhat differently from how you may be accustomed to Citrix, however most people find it relatively easy to adjust to after just a few uses.   For details you are strongly encouraged to click on this link which gives a more detailed overview of the Desktop Viewer:
  14.  Once you are finished working in Citrix, be sure to log off your desktop(s) and close any Citrix apps.  Then, if you are still logged on to StoreFront, find your name in the upper right corner of the StoreFront window, click on it, and select “Log off”, as depicted below:


    (NOTE – To avoid possible confusion, we recommend you avoid clicking on “Activate” in menu above, at any time.)

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