Citrix StoreFront with Google Chrome (Windows)

  1. Before proceeding always make sure you have your MFA-registered mobile phone in your possession. 
  2. Open Google Chrome and browse to
  3. Next you may see a window similar to the one below.   If so, enter your LSUHSC email address and click next.   If you do not see the window below, don't worry.  Simply proceed with remaining steps below:

  4. Next you may see a window similar to one one of the two options displayed below.   If you see the first one, enter your ordinary user ID and password, as shown.  If you see the second one, leave your already-displayed email address in place, and simply enter your LSUHSC password and click "Sign in".   If you do not see ether of the windows below, don't worry.  Simply proceed with remaining steps.




  5. Next you may be prompted to acknowledge the second authentication factor using your mobile phone, by either answering and acknowledging the incoming phone call from Microsoft, or by using the Authenticator App on your phone.   If so, you must complete the logon approval using your phone before you can proceed.   If you are not prompted for the second authentication factor by your MFA-registered mobile phone, you may simply continue with remaning steps.
  6. Next you may see a window similar to the one below.   If so, you may wish to click in the checkbox that says "Don't ask again for 30 days", but this choice is not critical.   If you do not want to select that checkbox, or if the window goes away before you can do so, or if you never see the window below at all, don't worry.  Just proceed to the next step.

  7. Now you may see the window shown just below.   If so, it is fine to select "Don't show this again" and then click Yes, but your choices in this window are not critical.  Once you have made your selections below, or even if you never see the window just below, you can just proceed with the remaining steps.
  8. If this is the first time you have visited the StoreFront site, or if you have recently cleared your Browsing Data, you will be prompted with the window shown below.     Click “Detect Receiver”.

  9. If you receive a message window that says something about “Look for an App in the Store”, just ignore that message and click anywhere away from that message window.    Next you should see:


    If you already have Citrix Receiver installed on your workstation you will immediately be directed to the StoreFront logon dialog, and you can Skip to Step 16 of this document.   

    If you were not taken directly to the StoreFront logon page, proceed to click inside the “I agree…” checkbox shown above, and then click the “Download” button.  Then look for “Receiver.exe” in the lower left of the Chrome window, and click it.  If prompted with a window that asks “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device”, click “Yes”.
  10. You will next see the window below:


    Click “Start”.  Click the checkbox next to the “I accept…”. Then click “Next”.  
  11. In the window below you can leave the checkbox blank next to “Enable Single Sign-on”, but it will not hurt anything if you accidentally click this checkbox.   Click “Next”.

  12. In the following window, you can choose whatever your preference, and then click "Install".  Generally we recommend you leave the checkbox UN-checked:

  13. The Citrix Receiver install will proceed.   At the end, click on “Finish”.   (Do not click “Add Account”).
  14. Go back the Google Chrome window.   If you see a button that says “Continue”, click on it.
  15. You may see the following window.   If so, click the checkbox next to “Always allow…” and click “Open Citrix Workspace Launcher”:


    Also, If asked by Chrome whether to save your password, click “Never”.

  16. You will now see your available Citrix desktop connections, similar to the screenshot below:


    From the above you can launch your Citrix desktop(s) simply by clicking their corresponding icons shown above.  Your desktop should now launch.  If you have any standalone Citrix applications, you can click on the “APPS” button depicted above, and launch the application(s) in a similar way.   
  17. Once you are finished working in Citrix, be sure to log off your desktop(s) and close any Citrix apps.  Then, if you are still logged on to StoreFront, click on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner, and select “Log off”, as depicted below:



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