Turningpoint Documentation

TurningPoint Student Overview Guide


How to access TurningPoint?

You have two options to access TurningPoint. You can either login directly from TurningPoint website or from Moodle. Students do not require a subscription to use TurningPoint at LSU Health Sciences Center. We do not use clickers.


Login directly from TurningPoint website


  1. Go to TurningPoint Website to login to TurningPoint web application.

  2. Enter your LSUHSC email address and click Sign In.

  3. Your Dashboard should now be available.

  4. First time users to TurningPoint will see the Create Account window. Enter your Email, First Name and Last Name.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Skip through the screens for setting up a subscription and purchasing clickers.


Login into TurningPoint from Moodle


How to take a poll in TurningPoint?