Legacy studies are those for which the initial protocol was prepared using the Word-based IACUC Research Application form and submitted by email to the IACUC Office.

The Word-based IACUC Research Application form is no longer active. All NEW IACUC protocols and their associated post-approval applications must be submitted in Kuali. NEW protocols submitted using the Word-based IACUC Research Application form will NOT be accepted or reviewed.

For approved legacy studies, you will continue to submit all post-approval applications (annual renewals, amendments, and change in personnel) using the existing (Word or Email) forms until the study expires. 


  • IACUC Amendment Form  [Updated v12/10/2020] must be submitted for IACUC approval prior to making any changes.
  • Change in Personnel Form   [Updated 10/1/2020] must be submitted for IACUC approval prior to active participation on a project; all required training must be completed. 
  • Surgery Addendum  [Updated v5/23/2019] is used as an additional document when the legacy protocol is being amended to add a new surgical procedure.

  • COI Form  must be submitted when adding new personnel to a legacy study using the CIP Form.