Instructions are provided below for the submission of draft agreements and execution of final agreements.

A. Submit Draft Agreements for Review 

  1. Investigator requests and receives an editable (Word), electronic version of the draft agreement from the sponsor or external party.
  2. If the sponsor/external party does not have an existing agreement, use the appropriate template from those listed here.
  3. Review the agreement and make any changes (using the “track changes” function) as appropriate.
  4. Following these instructions (text or video), submit, through Kuali, the draft version of the agreement to the appropriate Office for review.
    Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)#Office of Innovation & Partnership (OIP)
    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)OIP
    Data Use Agreement (DUA)Office of Grants & Contracts (OGC) @ Office of Research Services
    Clinical Trials Agreement (CTA)OGC
    Other Research AgreementsOGC
    # For Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), please make sure to include a completed and signed copy of the appropriate Material Transfer Initiation Form, found here.
  5. Continue review and submission of any revised versions in Kuali (as in Step A4) until all parties have agreed to the final version.

B. Obtain Signatures on Final Agreements

  1. Agreements Negotiated by OIP: OIP will coordinate acquisition of all signatures and upload a fully-executed agreement in Kuali.
  2. Other Agreements
    • Agreements without budgets (e.g., DUA) may be processed with electronic signatures. All other agreements require wet ink LSUHSC signatures.
    • If applicable, have the UMC representative sign the final, negotiated version and return it to you for additional signatures.
      • Where applicable, please obtain wet signature on at least two (2) originals: one copy each for OGC and Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA). If UMC, the department, and/or sponsor want signed originals, include additional originals.
    • Have the sponsor/external party sign all copies of the agreement and return it to you for institutional signature(s).
      • If the sponsor/external party will not sign before the institution, then route the agreement for institutional signature(s) as described below.

C. Route Documents for Institutional Approvals (agreements reviewed by OGC)

  1. Submit the routing packet to OGC: Submit an electronic copy of the routing packet, including the agreement and the associated routing documents as listed in the table below, via email to will print documents for wet ink signatures if necessary.
    Agreement Type ►

    Clinical Trial 

    Research Grant AwardData Use Sub-contractAmend-ment

    Routing Docs 

    Yellow Routing SheetXXXXXX


    Completed Contract Terms & Conditions ChecklistX     
    Payment ScheduleX     
    Clinical Trial Revenue/ Expense BudgetX     
    Standard Budget XX XX
    Work Plan XX X 
    Award Notice  X X 
    IACUC/IBC/IRB ApprovalsXXX X 
    Copies of Original Agmt & Amendment     X
    Copy of Original Proposal    X 

  2. OGC will route the documents through SPA, where the financial information will be reviewed, and will procure the signature of an institutional official.
  3. Partially-Executed Agreement (sponsor/external party has not signed):
    • OGC will email an electronic copy of the partially-executed document to the Principal Investigator and the contact person designated on the yellow routing sheet OR inform them when the hard copy document is ready to be picked up.
    • Study team/Investigator will obtain sponsor’s/external party’s signature and forward electronic OR hard-copy versions of the fully-executed agreement to OGC (and UMC if applicable).
  4. Fully-Executed Agreement (all parties have signed):
    • Once the agreement is fully executed, departments are responsible for submitting a sponsored project number setup request, including all required attachments, to SPA ( so that a PeopleSoft number, into which revenues can be deposited and from which expenditures can be made, can be established.

D. Concurrent Review

  1. We highly recommend that, if the research study under consideration involves human subjects and/or use of animals or biohazards, application(s) to the IRB, IACUC and/or IBC be prepared concurrent to these contract negotiations, so that when the agreement is signed, the investigator can begin work immediately.

E. Resources

  1. Agreement templates
  2. Yellow routing sheet
  3. Standard budget template
  4. Clinical trial revenue-expense budget template
  5. Kuali Quickguide - Using the Kuali Negoiation Module to Submit Agreements for Review