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A comprehensive case collection which helps students learn and apply basic science and clinical medicine concepts in the context of realistic patient cases. This includes the following:

   Case files. Anesthesiology.
   Case files. Biochemistry.
   Case files. Cardiology.
   Case files. Critical care.
   Case files. Emergency medicine.
   Case files. Family medicine.
   Case files. Geriatrics.
   Case files. Gynecologic surgery.
   Case files. High-risk obstetrics.
   Case files. Internal medicine.
   Case files. Medical ethics and professionalism.
   Case files. Microbiology.
   Case files. Neurology.
   Case files. Neuroscience.
   Case files. Obstetrics and gynecology.
   Case files. Orthopaedic surgery.
   Case files. Orthopedic surgery.
   Case files. Pathology.
   Case files. Pediatrics.
   Case files. Pharmacology.
   Case files. Physiology.
   Case files. Psychiatry.
   Case files. Surgery.

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Updated March 2023