Regional Accreditation

Student Achievement Data

LSUHSC-NO's evaluation of student achievement is consistent with its mission and strategic plan. Data that reflect student achievement are collected at the school and institutional level and are reported internally and externally. LSUHSC-NO reports student achievement data annually to the LSU Board of Supervisors (BOS). This data gives the board a mechanism for evaluating institutional performance, while also allowing LSUHSC to identify opportunities for improvement and inform planning efforts designed to advance institutional effectiveness. Metrics reported to the BOS include degrees awarded, enrollment, retention rates, pass rates on licensure exams, and national benchmark comparisons. 

Note: For all data below, thresholds of acceptability, or the minimum acceptable standards, are set at one standard deviation below the mean for the previous five years' data. Target goals are established at one standard deviation above the mean for the previous five years' data.


Degrees Awarded


Retention Rates

Pass Rates on Licensure Exams

National Benchmarks

Graduation Rates