Title IX

How Do I Report Power-Based Violence or Title IX Misconduct?


Directly to the Title IX Coordinator: 

Leigh Smith-Vaniz (she/her/hers)
Resource Center Building, Room 826A
433 Bolivar Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-2211



Online Reporting Forms: 

Title IX Incident Report Form
This form is used to file an incident report that goes directly to the Title IX Coordinator. It can be completed anonymously, but should include an email address for follow-up purposes. 

Title IX Formal Complaint Form
This form is used for a complainant to file a formal complaint and request an investigation. 

This form is used to file an incident report through the LSU Ethics, Intergrity, & Misconduct Hotline.



Directly to a Responsible Employee/Mandatory Reporter:

All LSUHSC-NO employees, including Graduate Assistants & Teaching Assistants, are considered repsonsible employees/mandatory reporters.[The only employees that are not considered responsible employees/mandatory reporters are confidential advisors.] They are required to report any direct statement or witnessing of any power-based violence or Title IX conduct to the Title IX Coordinator. The only instances in which they are not obligated to report is when information is received during a public forum or awareness event in which an individual discloses as part of educating others, during the course of academic work consistent with the assignment, or instances which disclosure was made indirectly such as overhearing a conversation.