High Performance Computing

High Peformance Computing
at LSU Health New Orleans

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans has acquired a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster to facilitate access to research computing for our campus. This HPC cluster (Tigerfish) is a powerful computational resource available to all campus researchers who wish to use it for computational analysis. It is also available to research partners collaborating with our faculty and to support educational programs. Tigerfish is also joined into the Open Science Grid, which helps support access to high-performance computing nationwide. 

Our goal is to make this resource as accessible as possible to anyone who may be interested in using it, regardless of computing experience. This website serves as a resource for getting comfortable working with the cluster as you begin working with it.

Citation/Acknowledgement:  The LSUHSC-NO HPC Tigerfish cluster was purchased through a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation (Award #2018936).  Please Acknowledge the NSF Grant #2018936 in any publications that have benefited from use of the Tigerfish HPC.