Browsing Open Positions

On the Career Opportunities page (sample below), you can browse for open positions that fit your employment criteria.



1. Each column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the title box of that column. Only one column can be sorted at a time. The title box with one colored triangle is the column that is being used to sort.



2. You can choose how many entries, in increments of 25, will be shown on the page at a time. The default is 25.

browsepositions3               browsepositions4


3. If the number of open positions numbers more than the “Show # entries” box, there is a next link at the bottom of the page.


4. The search can be narrowed by entering a key word into the search box. Any open position without that word(s) somewhere in the listing will disappear.


5. To see the details of a position, click on any of the columns in the row of the desired position.