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Permanent Memoranda

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PM-1 Permanent Memoranda
PM-2 Policy on Naming University Facilities
PM-3 Additional Compensation and Compensation: Faculty and Full-Time, Non-Classified Employees
PM-4 Student Travel Accident Insurance

PM-4 Attachments:

PM-5 LSU Holiday Schedules
PM-6 Lease of Immovable Property
PM-7 LSU System Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees
PM-8 Student Employment
PM-9 Banking Services, Safeguarding of Deposits and Investment and Reporting Policy
PM-10 Indirect Cost Allowances on Grants & Contracts
PM-11 Outside Employment of University Employees

PM-11 Attachments:

PM-12 Educational Privileges for Full-Time Nonacademic & Other Academic Employees
PM-13 University Travel

Presidential Directive - Guidelines Regarding Personal Travel by University Employees and Students to and from 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Affected Nations

Supplement to Permanent Memorandum 13 - Travel at University Expense to and from 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Affected Nations
PM-14 Operation & Maintenance of Physical Plant
PM-15 Copyright Guidelines Regarding Electronic Learning
PM-16 Protection of Minors Participating in University Programs

Information on Youth Protection Programs
PM-17 Fair Use of Copyrighted Material
PM-18 Registration of Motor Vehicles
PM-19 Determination of Teaching Loads and Proper Utilization of Facilities
PM-20 Employee Leave
PM-21 Use of University Automobiles and Trucks
PM-22 Commonly Used Name Designations, System, and Component Institutions
PM-23 Ranks, Provisions, and Policies Governing Appointments & Promotions of the Academic Staff
PM-24 Council of Faculty Advisors
PM-25 Use of University Funds for Entertainment
PM-26 System Policy on International Employees and Visitors
PM-27 Placement of Sponsored Agreements
PM-28 Visiting Scholars
PM-29 Policy on Student Referendums to establish a new Special Service Fee or to increase an existing fee
PM-30 Radiation Protection Program
PM-31 Regulations for Louisiana Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes
PM-32 Policy on use of LSU System Facilities and Premises
PM-33 Drug-Free Workplace & Drug Testing Policy
PM-34 Procedure for Reviewing Disability Retirement Claims Under the Optional Retirement Plan
PM-35 Review of Faculty Ranks
PM-36 Information Security
PM-37 Council of Staff Advisors
PM-38 Institutional Mission Statements
PM-39 Use and Acceptance of Electronic Signatures
PM-40 Contracts for University Procurement of Professional, Personal and Consulting Services
PM-41 Salary Cost Distribution and Conversion of Salaries
PM-42 Physical Facilities Inventory and Analyses
PM-43 Rescinded
PM-44 Execution of Contracts and Other Similar Documents
PM-45 Rescinded
PM-46 Rescinded
PM-47 Rescinded
PM-48 University Affiliations
PM-49 Information Technology Governance
PM-50 Review and Approval for Acquisition of Software and Services
PM-51 Rescinded
PM-52 Rescinded
PM-53 Rescinded
PM-54 Rescinded
PM-55 Equal Opportunity Policy
PM-56 Rescinded
PM-57 Rescinded
PM-58 Commitments for Data Processing and/or Computing Equipment
PM-59 Classification of Academic Current Funds Expenditures by Function
PM-60 Execution of University System Contracts
PM-61 Rescinded
PM-62 Rescinded
PM-63 Channels of Communication with the Board of Regents
PM-64 Rescinded
PM-65 Payroll Deduction Authorization
PM-66 Rescinded
PM-67 Contracts between the University and its Faculty Members
PM-68 Construction, Modification, Maintenance, Care, and Operation of Sorority and Fraternity Houses Located on University Property
PM-69 Delegation of Authority to Execute Personnel Actions
PM-70 Return to Work Policy for Employees on Workers' Compensation

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PM-71 Rescinded - Retirement Transition Program
PM-72 Obtaining Legal Services and the Office of General Counsel

PM-72 Attachment:

PM-73 Prohibiting Power-based Violence, including Sex- and Gender-based Harassment and Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct
PM-74 Guidelines on Board Professorships
PM-75 Guidelines for Evaluation of Chancellors or Equivalent
PM-76 Detection, Reporting and Investigation of Incidents of Financial Irregularity
PM-78 LaCarte Card Program
PM-79 Freedom of Speech and Expression

PM-79 Attachments:

PM-80 Prohibition of Hazing
PM-81 Supplier Diversity Policy