University Police

University Police


Call 568-8999
     (Downtown Campus / After Hours - Florida Avenue

Call 941-8100
     (6 am to 6 pm - Florida Avenue Campus)



If you have a question, comment, complaint, or wish to report criminal activity, please submit to this form.

Other University Police Locations

Emergency Command Post

South Roman Street Garage
425 South Roman Street, Room 301
(504) 568-8999 (Emergency)

Resource Center
433 Bolivar St.
(504) 568-2156
Florida Avenue
1100 Florida Avenue
(504) 941-8100
Residence Hall
1901 Perdido St.
Room A19
(504) 568-6190


Mission Statement

The mission of the LSUHSC Police Department is to provide our students, faculty, staff and visitors a crime free environment and promote a safe environment through transparency and awareness. Our focus is Risk Reduction, Deterrence and Avoidance as a comprehensive approach to meet the goals of the Department and the University.

The Office of University Police is located at 433 Bolivar Street, on the first floor of the Resource Center Building (RCB). The location provides convenient access to needed police services, as well as an information center for visitors.

Each commissioned member of the Office of University Police Department is a Louisiana Post Certified officer who holds a State of Louisiana University Police Commission. Although the commissions authorize University Police Officers to be armed and to apprehend persons who have been observed committing criminal acts, the primary mission of the University Police Department is to prevent and serve as a deterrent to criminal activities within our jurisdiction.

Vision Statement 

University Police personnel respect the community that we serve and protect all people's rights through fair and impartial enforcement of University policies, Federal laws, and State Statutes. The Department serves with integrity, discretion, and expediency. We are accountable to each other and to the community we serve.

We believe that cooperation among ourselves, members of the community, and other law enforcement agencies will enable us to combine our backgrounds, skills, and services to achieve common goals and create a campus environment that is socially rich and diverse.