Student Health

Health Care Services

The Louisiana State University Student Health Clinic offers a variety of health services. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in the Student Health Clinic are board certified.

We provide primary health care, mental health assistance, immunizations, lab tests and x-rays, women's health exams, and exams for away rotations/residency.

No matter who your insurance carrier is, there's no charge for a student health visit in the student health clinic. Other services within the Louisiana State University Healthcare Network do generate a charge.

Student Health Services provides services by appointment only.

 If you need emergency care, you should go directly to an emergency room as the student health clinic is not equipped to provide emergency care.

Services Provided

The following services are available at the Student Health Clinic:

Medical Care

The Student Health physicians are available to see students with health problems.  Routine pre-admission physical examinations, immunizations, and laboratory work are not covered by the Student Health Fee.

Laboratory Tests and X-Rays

Laboratory tests and x-rays are not covered by the Student Health fee.  Charges for these items will be submitted to the student's insurance carrier and the student will be billed for the balance.


Students are expected to have had all standard immunizations prior to admission.  However, some immunizations against infectious diseases may be provided to students at cost by Student Health Service (i.e. Hepatitis B Vaccine and MMR).

Mental Health Counseling

Counseling services are available both on and off campus for students who need them.  Students are encouraged to seek assistance for emotional difficulties, stress, substance abuse, marital and family distress, academic concerns, and other personal problems.  Counseling services include a 24-hour crisis line/crisis intervention (504) 568-8888, short-term counseling, and referrals for more extensive counseling and/or psychiatric care.  Short-term counseling services are covered by the student health fee.  Expenses for long-term and/or psychiatric care arranged by referral must be covered by the individual student's insurance carrier.  On-campus services are provided by the Campus Assistance Program (CAP), and off-campus services can be arranged through CAP. Please contact CAP at (504) 568-8888.